Tips for an Effective Email Marketing Campaign Plan 2021 + Free Calendar

by Elisabeth Pester
Email Marketing Campaign Planning 2021

2020 was challenging and turned the whole world upside down. Among other things, it taught us to remain flexible in order to react to unpredictable situations. But it also showed us that some things will never change. For example, the joy of traditional holidays (even if online), the good feeling of giving presents to loved ones, and not losing the joy of life despite negative circumstances.

And that’s exactly what marketers should focus on in the next year: Use good events for great marketing campaigns with enough room for adjustments. Every calendar year offers so many opportunities for original promotions. Use action days to set. up an exciting email marketing campaign plan for the coming year.

We have put together a few tips on what to consider when planning your email campaigns for 2021. You can also find the most important event days in our email marketing calendar for 2021.

Creation of an Email Campaign Planner for 2021

In order to use suitable marketing moments, a good strategy is a must! Among all the days of action and public holidays, it is important to choose the right ones to focus on for your promotions. Align your campaigns with your company and marketing goals.

  • Research & brainstorming: Get an overview of the days of action for 2021 and choose suitable topics for your company. Think about which promotions and campaigns would be best for chosen occasions.
  • Creation of an email campaign plan: Summarize selected topics in a kind of editorial calendar. A campaign planner helps you to plan campaigns in terms of timing and content. This way, you can plan campaigns in advance and ensure consistency.
  • Campaign implementation: Determine the appropriate formats and channels for your campaigns. You should keep an eye on your marketing goals and target groups and consider your customer journey. Email campaigns are a great format when it comes to acquiring new customers and strengthen awareness. Social media, for example, is a good channel for the consideration phase.

How to choose the right events for your email campaigns

It takes some creativity to choose action days for your campaigns. Think about playful ways to link ‘international days’ with your products and services. This type of advertising can help you to increase awareness and sympathy.

Which kind of events are included in the email campaign planner?

Holidays: Traditional holidays or special shopping days, such as Black Friday, are part of every marketer’s calendar and need to be considered when planning a campaign. Whether Easter, Pentecost Weekend, or Christmas – when family and friends get together, everyone likes to give and take – also when it comes to presents. So special offers are a must!

Days of Action: Besides religious holidays, there are also special days of action that are often proclaimed by organizations such as UNESCO or associations. They serve to remind of certain events or topics. America’s National Days such as “Selfie Day” on June 21st are also popular for campaigns worldwide.

How to use Days of Action for your Email Marketing Strategy

Every marketer knows how to plan campaigns for public holidays. But for Days of Action, it gets a little bit more difficult. Here you require sensitivity, creativity, and courage.

You can use fun and quirky action days for creative email campaigns. For example, you can use World Sleep Day on March 19, 2021, for an original promotional e-mail campaign. Healthy, restful sleep is precious for all of us to recharge our batteries for the day. With this hanger, you can explain to your (new) customers how your products/services contribute to a good night’s sleep. Does your mattress help to fall asleep or is it your good credit conditions that let your customers fall asleep carefree? As you can see, action days can be used in a variety of ways.

But the event days also offer the opportunity to position yourself as a company on critical and important topics. Your reach can be used to make statements and draw attention to serious issues. For example, on Human Rights Day, December 10th, you can plan campaigns on the subject of freedom, equality, and human dignity. Here, however, it is important to understand your target group and assess possible reactions. This kind of campaign offers a great opportunity to build awareness and trust in your brand with honesty and courage.

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