9 Marketing Tips For eCommerce During The Corona Crisis​

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10 Marketing Tips for eCommerce during the Corona Crisis

The outbreak of the corona virus is changing the world and also consumer behavior. Buyers are torn between insecurity, panic purchases, financial and health problems. The corona crisis is also having an enormous impact on e-commerce.

As an online retailer, it is important to consider the currently observable consumer behavior as well as possible future effects. Therefore, short and long-term marketing strategies should be adjusted accordingly.

In this article, Oliver Wilke, VP Global Sales & Client Services at Audience Serv, shares 9 marketing tips to help online retailers overcome the corona crisis with the right strategy.

9 Marketing Tips For eCommerce During The Corona Crisis

1. TIP: Understand Current Products and Needs

The living situation is changing for many people and so does their buying behavior. While “panic buying” is slowly declining, consumers continue to stock up on supplies. These trends pose major challenges for online retailers. Even the world’s largest retailers are struggling to meet unprecedented consumer demand. But what exactly do people buy and how should you adapt your strategy to customer needs?

Many statistics show that consumers use isolation to positively change their lifestyle. Fitness, smoking cessation, and respiratory categories are all experiencing a growth in demand. The end consumer is also interested in practical and currently necessary products. Concentrate your offer on the fastest-growing product categories during the COVID-19 crisis.

2. TIP: Add Product Categories On Website

The corona crisis is changing the type of products that consumers suddenly want to buy. While some customers know exactly what they want, other customers need inspiration and a guide to new relevant products. Give them some guidance on your website and categorize your products for a better overview. Thumbnails, longer titles and even descriptions of the subcategories make it easier for the customer to choose.

3. TIP: Sell Subscription Boxes

There is no doubt that COVID-19 affects many online companies. It is important to understand the current situation and the online shopping behavior of customers. The priorities are changing now. Instead of focusing on selling luxury items, you can offer subscription boxes that provide customers with helpful products. With these types of offers, sales can be maintained. Use your digital opportunities and find new ways to inspire buyers, strengthen your brand and win buyers’ trust.

4. TIP: Future Discounts

Cash flow problems are now compounded by the lack of store customers. One possible way to maintain cash flow is to sell discounted gift cards. Discounts can attract attention and boost sales. In a way, the discount offers the best of both worlds: buyers save money and businesses generate more sales. Those discount campaigns can be ideally shared in an email campaign. Such campaigns are also perfect for winning new customers for your company. By choosing the right target group for your personalized emails and the ideal time for send-outs, you can successfully win new customers.

5. TIP: Reducing Shipping Cost

Whether your company sells digital products or physical items that need to be shipped. Now the global supply chain relies on proper logistics and shipping management. Because of this, your order management process may suffer due to the current COVID 19 situation. In order to reduce shipping costs in this scenario, it is important to implement an efficient shipping strategy in your e-commerce website.

6. TIP: Cancelation Policy During COVID Crisis

Many elements of the shopping experience have changed as the corona virus spread. As a result, major retailers are adjusting and extending return periods. So the buyer does not have to worry. Guaranteeing an e-commerce return policy can seem problematic. But it is also a great opportunity to win satisfied customers during the crisis.

7. TIP: Buy Online, Pickup In-Store: Socially Distant Shopping

Social Distancing is the right fight against the coronavirus pandemic!

Therefore, you should set up on BOPIS models (Buy online, pickup in-store model). This enables customers to buy products online and collect the items later in the store. Following this approach, you can avoid any direct contact between people and continue to offer your goods.

8. TIP: Optimizing PPC Campaigns During Crisis​

The coronavirus pandemic will define 2020. With the spread of the virus, we have seen changes in every aspect of our daily lives. Even with Google SERP, the search methods have changed significantly in this crisis. Advertisers know too well that COVID-19 has impacted PPC marketing campaigns in many industries. Therefore it is important to understand how to adapt to these rapidly changing trends in e-commerce.

PPC professionals and marketing experts around the world are trying to deal with the behavior changes. Due to the lack of historical data, this is challenging. Here you have to approach the PPC situation a little creatively: examine trends, share insights, exchange ideas, and consider the situation seasonally.

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9. TIP: Expand Social Selling ​

For an e-commerce website without a physical location, social media marketing is an important component for retail. Customers are becoming more demanding and spend a lot of time comparing companies and brands. This is the only way to find the company that meets expectations and standards.

For this reason, it is important to develop a social media marketing strategy for your business. This enables customers to find and buy your products and services. A social media strategy for retail is essential to increase your online sales, build customer relationships, and strengthen your brand.

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