• Data-Driven Email Marketing
  • LiveSend
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Retargeting
  • Template Creation

Use smart, data-driven email marketing to drive customer acquisition at scale and under budget

Define your ideal target audience and we will build it for you. From there we can plan and execute customized email campaigns to exceed your customer acquisition and revenue goals.

    • 100+ million opt-in premium data sets
    • 20+ GEOs
    • GDPR compliant
    • Segmentation options available (Targeting)
    • 12 years of experience
    • Frequent audience pool updates
    • White listing from all top email providers
    • Professional support
  • Targeting Options

    • Geo-Targeting
    • Sociodemographic
      100+ attributes
    • Interests
      100+ attributes: interest and intent data
    • Device
      All device categories
  • Gender Split

  • Age Split

The Livesend algorithm analyses more than 100 individual consumer attributes and allows us to build bespoke audiences for marketing campaigns.

Delivering marketing messages that are relevant, and delivered at an optimised time of day for each individual user means outstanding open, click and conversion rates, driving superior outcomes and real business results.

  • LiveSend: How it works

  • Algorithm analyses user behavior
    and characteristics

  • Email delivery at the right time with relevant content: user becomes a new customer

We provide high quality, opt-in consumer leads, sourced via our owned digital properties.

You can specify your target audience, by geographic location, age and gender. Leads can be provided on a schedule or in real-time, and we will only supply you with leads that match your target criteria.

    • Expressed Interest
    • Fully validated
    • Sourced for you
    • Opt-in (GDPR)
    • Delivered by API or CSV
  • Industries

    • Travel  
      We deliver quality leads to help travel brands email the latest city breaks and holiday deals to targeted subscribers.
    • Insurance  
      Insurance companies have a wide variety of products. We target your different customer profiles.
  • Industries

    • Telecom  
      The telecom sector relies heavily on quality lead generation to sustain a healthy flow of new customers.
    • Finance  
      Your expert sellers’ time is money, so it’s essential they spend it talking to the right people.
  • Industries

    • Energy  
      While upstart solar technologies are competing with established energy providers, we can find you the right customers for your business.
    • e-commerce  
      Building a strong database is an absolute must to generate extra traffic, whether you're bricks-and-mortar or online only.
  • Email Retargeting

    Send a personalised email to consumers who have engaged with your brand previously via another channel and convert them into customers.

    • Retargeting via Personalized Emails
    • Connect with the Audience Serv database to scale-up
    • Existing product feeds applicable
    • Follow-Up scheme based on user's interaction
    • 100% permission based (valid opt-in)
    • GDPR Compliant
  • Email Retargeting:
    How it works

Let’s save your precious time with our template creation services

A good email layout is important for your marketing but designing and building a template from scratch can be a very time-intensive process.

  • Professional package

    Choose from our tested conversion-centered designs and we will adjust the colors to fit your brand, and add pictures and text you provide us.

  • Advanced package

    Select one of our pre-designed email templates and we will customize it to match the look and feel of your company's brand. Content research and creation, including pictures and text, will be done by our team.

  • Expert package

    Let our team create an unique and responsive template from the ground up that meets your requirements.


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