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Helping companies acquire new customers since 2008

Audience Serv is an International customer acquisition specialist with offices in Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Singapore and Hanoi

Founded by David Pikart in 2008, we have an experienced and enthusiastic team of 70 Audience Experts globally, working on developing the perfect method for target group segmentation.

Our people constantly seek to refine our marketing solutions, our approach drives highly targeted users using techniques from machine learning and artificial intelligence, and our mission is to consistently exceed client expectations in terms of both service levels and campaign outcomes.

"We take pride in creating success stories"

A lot may have changed over the years, and exciting things are in the pipeline, but our values have always remained the same. We care deeply about client relationships and most of our clients have been with us for ages.

A honest and transparent approach is integral to the long-term relationships we build with our clients. By taking the time to truly understand your business and its objectives, we will identify the solutions you need to achieve your marketing goals.

We take pride in creating success stories, so get in touch and we’ll see how we can exceed your expectations.

Our Clients

Hello Fresh
Hugo Boss
Club Med
Mc Donald's
Emperor Cruises
  •  Audience Serv was our first choice to revive the classic online channel “Email Marketing” after several years of stagnation at Barclaycard. Barclaycard profited heavily from the technological innovations as well as the outstanding and transparent campaign management from Audience Serv. A quick and straightforward support and approval process made it easy to optimize key points during the campaigns. Also, data protection requests have been dealt with quickly and were always compliant with our internal data protection policy. Our expectations of the collaboration with Audience Serv and especially the results and KPIs of the campaigns have been greatly exceeded - therefore we are happy to continue working with Audience Serv in the future. 

    Julia Müller
    New Distribution Partner Manager | Barclaycard

  •  Audience Serv serves as the chosen agency for PMG’s direct booking program. PMG Group has benefited greatly from Audience Serv’s highly targeted approach to drive direct bookings via our website. We appreciate their transparency as Audience Serv not only generates huge revenues for us but also shares their tactics and optimization strategies with us. They are well aware of all aspects of hotel marketing and have been delivering excellent results for all our properties. We also are very satisfied with their great and timely support in terms of customer service. The partnership with Audience Serv is definitely a great success for the PMG group. 

    Andy Khen
    Director of Revenue & Distribution | PMG

  •  Working with Audience Serv has been lucrative and successful for Redmart Limited. The team is very dedicated, easy to work with and up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing. They consistently deliver high quality results for our business and I highly recommend them as a truly performance-driven agency for audience targeted marketing campaigns. 

    Yanhuang Lu
    Acquisition & Performance Marketing Manager | Redmart

  •  I feel very pleased working with Audience Serv's leaders. They were very helpful and caught our points quickly, provided us a useful solution for promoting our brand to the new targeting market. The result of the hyperlocal campaign was higher than our expecting KPI which helped us enhance our brand identity pretty well. 

    Linh Davies
    Marketing Manager | Savvycom

  •  Audience Serv is the designated agency for EQHO’s lead generation program. For several months Audience Serv has been delivering outstanding results by using different performance channels. Besides that, EQHO benefits also from Audience Serv’s campaign reporting transparancy as they regularly share insight of the campaign as well as informing us of trends and tendencies in order to get the best possible performance. In summary, the collaboration has been very fruitful and we can definitely call it successful. 

    Steven Bussey
    Director of Global Marketing | EQHO

  •  One thing I like about Audience Serv is their direct and quick approach in responding to our changing needs during the campaign and at the same time delivering transparent performance report. We would like to recommend Audience Serv to all B2B companies who want to grow their businesses by reaching the right group of people. 

    Hans Kerstens
    Head of Sales and Marketing | DEEP C

  •  Right after the first collaboration, Audience Serv immediately proved to be a top performer. In our business areas of e-commerce and insurance, Audience Serv is a firm partner for us. We also appreciate the uncomplicated way of working together and we are convinced with very good service, friendly contacts, and commitment. 

    Christian Schwierzowski
    Group Head Digital Media | add2

  •  Working with Audience Serv has been a complete success for us. The campaign results exceeded our expectations and the coordination with the team was very smooth. Our dedicated project manager was always available within minutes for chat or call. The messages were answered very fast. We increased our revenue significantly and additional profits exceeded the costs by far. 

    Wilhelm Laubach
    Managing Director | InterWebs

  •  It’s been 2 years now working with Audience Serv and it still feels as exciting as it was the first day. Audience Serv puts a lot of effort into their job. The team is very motivated and they are always up to date in online marketing. They provide constantly quality traffic with the highest standards you can find on the market. Thanks to this collaboration, Me and iConcept has experienced a strong growth with the help of Audience Serv and it’s highly recommended working with them. It's definitely the right choice. 

    Frank H.
    Freelancer | iConcept Media GmbH