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Gain access to our large-scale database and start sending your email campaigns to the right users. Generating Sales and Leads effectively for your business has never been so easier.

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ASX will give you a new perspective on Email Marketing. Based on the Bidding model, this tool allows you to have greater cost control and budget definition for superior results.

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Brand new email marketing platform

Audience Serv Exchange (ASX) is a sophisticated email marketing platform that automatically optimizes your campaigns. The easy-to-use dashboard allows you to define your ideal target audience, to determine your bidding strategy, and to automatically send your campaign to large-scales databases.

Available datasets are GDPR compliant and consist of qualitative users only.


Power-up your Email Marketing

Bidding-based model with full control over your budget
Automated campaign optimization
High quality and GDPR-compliant user data (DOI)
Easy campaign setup and Intuitive dashboard
Powerful analytics and real-time reporting
Multiple database segmentation options

A wide variety of segmentation options

Since subscribers are segmented based on several target options, such as age, gender, interest, subscribers are receiving campaigns matching their interests only.

This way, you’ll reach subscribers, that are likely to convert and which will grow your ROI.

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